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LEVELizer™ Product Overview

Level ladders fast, safe, and easy with LEVELizer™.

Whether you are cleaning gutters, changing christmas lights, or working on an outdoor project –LEVELizer™ is the affordable, easy to use ladder leveler. Our patented wedge design compensates the incline of small slants to substantial hills depending on where the ladder is placed on the LEVELizer™. Our product also features spikes for grass and dirt surfaces for added stability, and is proudly made in the USA to the highest standards of quality.

LEVELizer™ Product Overview

LEVELizer™'s unique features make it useful in numerous situations at home or on the job site. Learn more about the LEVELizer™ by clicking on each of the different features in this image.

Ladder Hanger:


The LEVELizer™ hooks conveniently on your ladder for easy carrying on the job plus convenient storage when not in use.

Friction Pads:

The LEVELizer's™ four friction pads provide a solid grip on hard surfaces such as, concrete or asphalt. 

Stabilizing Spikes:

Stabilizing spikes are conveniently stored at the rear of the LEVELizer™ and can be used to help stabilize the LEVELizer™ when leveling your ladder on grass or dirt surfaces.

5 inches Slope: Up to 14°

The LEVELizer's™ patented 1/4 - 5" wedge shape design allows adjustability on slopes up to 14 degrees, to quickly level your ladder from slight inclines to steep hills. 

Slip-resistant top surface

The slip-resistant top surface of the LEVELizer™ provides exceptional traction to securely hold the ladder foot in place.

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Fast & Safe

Makeshift ladder leveling creates an unstable footing for your ladder, which means taking an unnecessary risk of falling. Eliminate time wasted searching for the perfect rock or piece of wood with the LEVELizer™.

Easy & Adjustable

Using the LEVELizer™ is as simple as sliding up the incline until the ladder leveler is snug under the ladder foot. Our patented ladder leveler design allows precise adjustability from 1/4″ to 5″.

Lightweight & Strong

Work with peace of mind with the LEVELizer™ ladder leveler. Our product has been strength tested to hold up to 400 lbs–but best of all, each unit weighs less than four pounds.

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